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Not Sure Which Hat to Choose?

Here are some tips that we hope you find useful...

Pink And Brown AfroBonnet PreTied Turban_edited_edited_edited.png

Choose Protection

If you have tightly coiled or kinky hair, your crown could use the extra protection from the elements with the added touch of satin to keep your hair moisturized.

So shop our satin-lined hats.

Afrocessories Lola Turban Black.png

Choose A Great Fit

If you have a looser curl pattern or even straighter hair, and headbands have a tendency to slip... then shop our stretch fabric hats.

Afrocessories Charcoal PreTied Turban.png

Choose Comfort

If you have a small crown, a TWA (teeny-weenie afro) or you're suffering from hair loss  and you need a hat that is softer, or with a closer fit. So shop our smaller-fit hats.

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