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On Leather Hats and God's Timing

The New Leather HawtBonnets!

Afrocessories became a firm decision on July 1, 2017. Before that, the idea was bumping around my brain for a while. But that day I felt as if the Lord had spoken to me, and that this was what I needed to do. I remember turning to my friend Devonne in Trincity Mall and saying, "...this is what the business needs to do." And I was referring to the the concept of us creating pre-tied head-wraps, which we went on to call "AfroBonnets".

Since that time, during our two-year journey; and TODAY makes it exactly two years since we popped up for the first time (ThingsTT in UWI, St. Augustine); I have seen God's hand guiding us where we should go, what we should do (or should not do) and a host of other things that I can only describe as Divine Guidance.

This weekend I had another one of those moments. The moments that make you realize that you're in the right place at the right time AND that all things happen in God's timing. I am referring to the two images above.

The image on the left is a screenshot I took from a video I posted on our Social Media platforms today, September 9, 2019. The one on the right was a screenshot I took from an account I have been following since BEFORE Afrocessories was even an idea - Fanm Djanm, which was posted on May 9, 2018.

I remember seeing the image and being blown away! I remember saying to myself that one day I HAD to make hats that look like this. And I remember how I felt when I saw the image. And I thought, "I need to make hats that make other people feel the way this head-wrap is making me feel right now!"

Then last Thursday Naverly from My Real Swim told me that that the fabric they wanted me to work with had a leather finish and do I think I could work with it? I was speechless. When I actually SAW the fabric I was dumbfounded. And when the first hat was completed I burst into tears! Can you imagine seeing your dreams and desires become a reality?! And in real-time not hindsight (cause sometimes I realize stuff after the fact)?!

At the Launch, every time someone put on the Leather HawtBonnet I was instantly gratified by their reaction. They felt the way I felt when I had seen that image for the first time!

This is the first iteration of this design. I know I will be working on it to make it even better. But I am SO grateful to God and all that He has allowed.

Until next time my AfroBeauties! Happy Anniversary!

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